Shweta Patil, an Indian fashion model was born on 27th July and was raised in Pune. She currently resides in London, one of the fashion capitals of the world. Shweta, originally a resident of Dhule, adjoining Pune city of Maharashtra, has successfully travelled the journey from Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Philippines and now settled in London today. Shweta is a successful model today.

She has pocketed many achievements in the country and abroad. Shweta is brightening the name of the country with her hard work and dedication. She has become a live example for the younger generation of our Country. She also appeared in a song made for the awareness of Corona. The title of this song is ‘Muskurayega India’.

Many people from Bollywood and different fields are seen in this song including Prime Minister Modi, Akshay Kumar. This song reflects the unity and integrity of India. Shweta Patil has also become a part of this song.

Shweta Patil has been a Mrs Maharashtra International Queen India. She has also been the part of a National Asian wedding show as a international model at London TASTA ASIAN WEDDING in London. Apart from this, she is soon going to participate in the Mrs. World International, Philippines.

Mrs. World International, Philippines is postponed for now due to the ongoing worldwide lockdown implemented in view of Coronavirus. Shweta is a model as well as actor, social activist, social worker. Shweta has received the ‘Fashion Icon’ award at the WEAA INDIA AWARDS and has also been a jury at the Womennovater 2020.

She has also been the Chief Guest at many shows including Pune Art International Festival, Class Apart Events, Show Stopper for Subodh Bhave Show. Along with this, Shweta has done many Advertisement and print shoots. Which includes Testa, Jewel Crown Pune and Claus Apart.

Shweta Patil is a fitness freak. Fitness is the top-most priority for her. Shweta also does yoga and meditation after sweating in the gym for hours. Because of which both her figure and brain remains healthy.Shweta often shares her fitness videos on social media so that other people can also get motivated from her. She takes out time for fitness during her day-long busy Schedule. On this, Shweta says that fitness is the secret of success.

Shweta wants to become an actress. She has acted in several short films till now. Apart from this, she recently appeared in the song ‘Muskurayega India’. This song inspires people to fight Corona. Shweta is very active in social media. She frequently shares videos on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Shweta Patil of Dhule, Maharashtra has completed her studies from Pune. She graduated in Arts from Ferguson College, Pune. After which she completed her MA Economics degree. After studying, she worked in Infosys for some time. Apart from this, she also worked as an engineer at Google. She later started participating in pageants to fulfill her dream and today she has become a successful model in London.

Shweta has been fond of acting, modeling since childhood. She is very fond of traveling, dancing as well as photography. Whenever she gets time, she starts doing photography. Shweta believes that traveling is very important for any human being. With this we can learn many things. One can experience the world by roaming in a new place. There is her mom, dad in Shweta’s family.

Shweta is associated with many social work. She is a member of the Anti Corruption Pune team. Apart from this, Shweta is associated with Education Awareness, Brand Ambassador of AET Foundation (Punjab). Shweta is running an NGO herself. The name of this NGO is Avatar Education Trust Punjab. Shweta considers her father an inspiration for her. According to Shweta, her parents always supports her.