Women and adolescents face a variety of challenges during menstruation. World menstrual hygiene day is celebrated on 28 May every year, so that women and adolescents do not have to face problems. The purpose of this day is to remove the misconceptions related to menstruation in the society, to give right information about menstrual management to women and adolescent girls. The motive behind setting the date of May 28 is that May is the fifth month of the year. This usually indicates the five-day menstrual cycle occurring after every 28 days.

Is it a matter,
On the streets, it is right for religion, rivalry, politics,
And for the creation in the great season is a sin, a curse.
Is it a matter,
You are the power and you are also the mother
God cannot be everywhere, so you are the only one on earth.

– Shweta Patil
International model